Innovation for the environment

Daku Italia is synonym for innovation. The company’s R&D team is constantly developing new systems, materials and components, with the objective of reaching the best performances. Having the best performances means being able to save natural resources and to solve problems such as water waste, air pollution, thermic insulation and urban heat islands.

Know-how for institutions

Daku Italia looks towards the future not only by developing new technologies and know-how, but also by sharing its knowledge with private and public institutions, which then become our partners. These partnerships allow our network to grow, resulting in both a commercial expansion and a technical upgrade.

Daku Irriga

We have recently filed a patent application regarding a new irrigation system, called “Daku Irriga”.

This innovative system will be released in September 2019, after 3 years of research. It eliminates the irrigation at the level of the leaves, concentrating all the water on the roots. It is also capable of differentiating the quantity of water provided to each plant, according to its specific needs.