Bringing nature to the roof is our philosophy Since 1997, we offer the most advanced technology for rooftop gardens and always invests in the innovation of our systems.

Bringing nature to the roof is our promise we sign a pact with the environment and our clients, with two priorities in mind. The first is to make people’s life better, bringing nature closer to them. The second is to reduce: human impact on the territory, protecting local biodiversity and making it flourish again.

Bringing nature to the roof is our goal Our systems are technically advanced and easy to adapt to the client’s requests. We can realize gardens for households, companies and institutions, both public or private.

Bringing nature to the roof is our challenge We are constantly studying new technologies and ways to realize new projects. Thanks to strategic partnerships with private and public institutions, our research team improve what exists and discovers innovative elements to make people’s life better.

Bringing nature to the roof is what we do best We are a professional and experienced company and we guarantee the highest standards of quality, certified according to the most recent norms. Our know-how is an assurance of excellence and it is always in line with the latest technologies.

Bringing nature to the roof is our identity We believe that architecture and nature can exist together. For this reason, we suggest solutions that combine these two elements, adding a touch of our aesthetic taste. Obviously, we always pay attention to the characteristics of the local environment.