During the technological development of its systems, DAKU has collaborated with public and private entities on projects related to the issues of the thermo-energy performance of substrates for rooftop green spaces (Politecnico di Milano and ITC CNR of San Giuliano Milanese) and concerning the study of innovative irrigation systems (Landlab s.r.l and MAC Fondazione Minoprio). The company also participated between 2019 and 2021, as leader of an aggregation of companies and universities (Dafnae Department of the University of Padua and Iuav University of Venice) in a project funded by the Veneto Region with POR-FESR funds to prototype the Blue Green Roof system. The work carried out together with public bodies, in a collaboration characterized by an intense mutual exchange, allowed the company to obtain positive feedback regarding the very high quality of its materials. The Consorzio di Bonifica del Veneto Orientale (Eastern Veneto Land Reclamation Consortium) participated in the project as an external entity, which was interested in the issue of hydraulic invariance and was able to channel its expertise and desiderata to guide the horizon of applicability of the new Blue Green Roof technology.


DAKU's work to make its systems less environmentally impactful led the company to obtain EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification in December 2021. The certification assessed the impact of DAKU's materials production processes, even going so far as to analyze the entire business and administrative structure, with the aim of establishing guidelines that can improve its environmental performance in the years to come.

The comparison with codified and internationally recognized protocols, such as LEED certification, is a path that DAKU has taken and will continue to take to ensure the true sustainability of its products and the processes that affect their life cycle.


DAKU, aware that sustainability requirements are now necessary to implement a state-of-the-art project, has become the first company in Italy to have EPD Certification on Rooftop Green systems up to installation. EPD is a Level III environmental certification, so it requires external scrutiny on the submitted data to ensure its correctness. DAKU's EPD-certified products are not only sustainable but also meet the needs of those involved in a building project, in order to obtain the prestigious environmental certifications, which are increasingly present and in demand in international markets and which attest to the sustainability of buildings from the point of view of design, construction and operation.