The first work in Italy, 1992


Daku Italia has been founded in 1990 by Marino Fantin, an agricultural drainage technician. Mr. Fantin, during the Dach und Wand exposition in Frankfurt, was fascinated by the technology of rooftop gardening.

He then decided to extend his knowledge of the topic and determined that Daku, a German company, had the best performances and quality standards. At the time, no one in Italy knew the existence of rooftop gardens, so Mr. Fantin decided to risk and invest on this business.

He offered a partnership to Daku, so that the company could enter in the Italian market. Daku accepted and trained Mr. Fantin for two years, during which he worked in Germany and learned all the technical and commercial aspects of Daku’s systems.

After this training period, Mr. Fantin started to work autonomously. From 1993 to 1996 his company was part of DAKU GmbH, while from 1997 it changed name and became Daku Italia

The pioneers of green roofing in Italy, 1996


In 2003, Daku Italia acquired from Daku GmbH the exclusive use of their trademark in Italy and the patent for producing the components. This was a fundamental step, which determined the independence of the two companies. The ties however remained strong as the information exchange regarding new materials and know-how continued.

Sharing information allowed both companies to upgrade their system and to adapt them, satisfying the requests of a fast-growing market.

During the following years the structure of Daku Italia changed, following the market’s needs. The commercial structure evolved, allowing Daku to be present in the entire Italian territory with highly trained professionals, capable of completing the most complex tasks.

The sales department, which initially had a regional structure, based on partnership with local professionals, was heavily transformed and upgraded. The national territory was divided in a small number of areas, each one with its network of sales agent, in constant contact with Daku’s headquarters.

The first work abroad, 1998


Daku, thanks to the passion, hard work and attention to detail of the whole staff, is currently the most advanced builder and developer of rooftop gardens in the Italian market, with a strong reputation also in the foreign ones.

Professionals in the industry trust Daku, because they look at the over 1,300,000 m2 built in over 25 years of activity in Italy and abroad, the constant focus on technical innovation, the reliability and the attention to the client’s needs.

Daku’s story shows how a company, starting from a risky idea by an enthusiast entrepreneur, can grow and become a market leader.