A technological solution

Daku’s rooftop gardens are not just decorative elements, but a real architectural and technological solution, good for the environment and for people’s health. Architects and engineers know the importance of having a trustworthy partner, able to build coverings in line with the strictest quality and technical standards. For this reason, Daku provides its clients with a complete certification of its systems, components and performances, in line with the UNI 11235-15 norm, which is an absolute and non-negotiable guarantee for those who work in the industry.

A partner to be trusted

Architects, surveyors and engineer consider Daku a reliable partner, which can promptly satisfy the more and more complex requests of the market. They also know that Daku can support them in their activities, providing services like consultancy, technical design of coverings and waterproofing, thus enhancing the safety of the systems.

A customized garden

Thanks to the high agronomical efficiency of our systems, we can provide our clients with a vast choice of plants. This allows our designers to bring nature in the middle of our cities and to largely improve their ecological, aesthetical and functional aspects

Roof Garden

  • Easy to design
  • Weight with saturated system of 93 kg/m²
  • Minimum width 13 cm
  • Wide choice of vegetation
  • Low resistance to trampling
  • Summer water requirement of
    0,3 liters/m² for day
  • Extremely reduced ordinary maintenance

Roof Garden

  • Complex and multidisciplinary design
  • Weight with a saturated system of 192 kg/m²
  • Minimum width 23 cm
  • Wide choice of vegetation
  • High trampling resistance
  • Summer water requirement of 4 liters/m² for day
  • Regular routine maintenance throughout the seasons