The effects of climate change

Heavy rainfall alternating with periods of drought are among the most tangible consequences of climate change. Waterproof surfaces in urban areas are continually increasing and altering land responses to rainfall. Reduced infiltration and high rates of rainfall runoff are the causes that most affect the alteration of the natural water cycle.

Furthermore, urban sewer systems are often unsuitable for handling exceptional events, in fact, when new construction or renovation work is carried out, rainwater management systems, such as lamination tanks, are often required.

On the other hand, when water is scarce, it is necessary to act with solutions that conserve it and make it usable in a “smart“ way, avoiding the waste of such an important resource.

Nature Based Solutions

This requires innovative answers that can make the effects of the phenomena generated by climate change and mismanagement of urban areas manageable. DAKU, after a period of research and studies related to the world of Nature Based Solutions (NBS), has developed Blue Green Roof (BGR) and DAKU IRRIGA technologies in order to make green roofing even more effective in water management and consumption. This innovations have also upgraded the traditional green roof with remote management and monitoring through Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, developing an intelligent and efficient smart green roof.

BGR: restarting the water cycle

The BGR system can be used in different climatic contexts, and its flexibility of use makes it usable both for holding and storing water in anticipation of drought periods and as support for existing water disposal systems.

The management of natural resources is a collective responsibility, of public and private entities, and it is no longer possible to think of a development of the global economy that does not take into account the repercussions of human activities on the balances of natural ecosystems. BGR converts some real problems into a resource, transforming the danger of a water bomb into a water reserve that can last several weeks and is used to cool the building through the transpiration of vegetation.