Inspired by nature

Technological solutions in disparate fields of knowledge have often been inspired by the dynamics of evolution found in nature.

The Blue Green Roof solution was developed from the observation of dynamics caused by climate change and the analysis of natural processes of vegetation growth, development, and behavior. With this approach DAKU has defined a Bio-Inspired green roof solution that involves the integration of the Blue Green Roof system with the DAKU IRRIGA system.


DAKU IRRIGA is a patented irrigation system, designed from the study of natural processes of vegetation growth, is aimed at ensuring optimal development of the root system and optimization of water consumption.

Its use, combined with the Blue Green Roof solution, makes it possible to achieve a high-performance roof in terms of water autonomy, as it is capable of retaining almost 100% of rainwater in the roof and using it for irrigation with an efficiency up to four times higher than traditional alternatives.


The vegetation used by DAKU, and an integral part of this complex technological system, is always carefully chosen according to the climatic context in which it is to be placed. Classical microtherms lawns, used for intensive green solutions, are very strong and durable and, thanks to DAKU IRRIGA, require low amounts of water. On the other hand, for roof green roofs with low maintenance requirements, the use of Sedums is recommended: a self-healing vegetation with a mixture of perennials that DAKU has selected to ensure technical performance and high aesthetic yield in every season.

The Blue Green Roof can adapt to different climatic contexts and is at the service of designers and professionals who intend to work on projects for the development of resilient cities, counteracting the effects of climate change.