Blue green roof: Value creation through water management in roofs

Daku Blue Green Roof - Nature on the Roof of the 21st Century.

Daku's Blue Green Roof embraces the principle of nature-based solutions by incorporating biological mechanisms evolved from plants. This results in the optimized use of water in the roof for: lamination, water storage, irrigation and reduction of roof surface temperatures, thus contributing to the mitigation of the heat island effect.

In this way, our technology contributes to the resilience of cities in the face of climate change, while also improving the quality of urban life. And from an economic perspective, Daku Blue Green Roof represents a high-yield investment that promises lasting benefits.

Invarianza Idraulica - Gestione dell'acqua

In the area of water management, the Daku Blue Green Roof offers a relevant and cost-effective solution. Rather than relying on conventional solutions such as lamination tanks or sumps, our revolutionary system combines the functions of lamination and rainwater storage in a single roof solution.

The result is reduced installation costs and more efficient use of space. This dual functionality, combined with the economic sustainability of our system, makes the Daku Blue Green Roof a valuable investment in the building sector while supporting more environmentally friendly water management.

Vantaggi Aggiuntivi - Resa Termica e Protezione Manto Impermeabile

For real estate finance professionals, the Daku Blue Green Roof offers significant added value. Our system provides long-term protection for waterproofing membranes, counteracting aging by bringing their durability up to an impressive 50-year horizon. What's more, when coupled with photovoltaics it generates additional benefits in terms of increased module yield and lifetime. In addition, water retained on the roof significantly improves the thermal insulation performance of buildings attrverso the biochemical processes of vegetation.

Our analyses show that surface temperatures can be reduced by up to 20°C. This benefit not only increases occupant comfort but also energy savings and, consequently, economic savings, further solidifying the Daku Blue Green Roof as an investment with great potential.