COSTRUIRE GREEN – The value of innovation and research

An ambitious project for water recycling

Interview with Marino Fantin guest at the seminar organized by the Venetian Green Building Cluster.

Nowadays the construction industry has made remarkable progresses towards sustainability, this fact has also been acknowledged by regulators. Moreover, universities and Venetian companies are known worldwide for their ability to innovate. For this reason, Veneto region is developing its policies to support innovative networks, such as RIR VeGBC. VeGBC promotes integration within the industry and aims at the development of new projects, to allow on one hand a competitive growth of the construction industry and at  the same time to encourage the emergence of an increasingly sustainable housing.

The project benefits

The project has been developed for the absorption and storage of water precipitation, especially those coming from intense phenomena, that are becoming more and more frequent because of the rising temperatures. Hotter air leads to an increase of the water amount that atmosphere it is able to retain and consequently to release during precipitations. The goal, then, is to reduce the peak flow of the installations and retain water on the roofs, thus reducing the inflow to disposal plants.

Moreover, the same retained water will also be available to the plants, as supply in times of need, which will lead to lower temperatures by evapotranspiration.

The Regional Innovative Network - RIR

The Regional Innovative Network, born as a form of spontaneous aggregation between the companies and entrepreneurs, is aimed at sharing knowledge and opportunities that each member would be unable to grasp alone. Being part of the RIR allows you to compete with much larger companies and in a bigger number of regions and countries.