Daku-Ecobubble partnership

The New Thinking Garden

Ecobubble is a new way to design green areas (urban gardens, green-roofs, farmland, ecc.) oriented to optimize the garden management and to reduce local pollutants.

Daku invests in value partnerships, highly integrated and complementary, which are able to convey cutting-edge technological solutions. One of these is Ecobubble, an innovative start-up in the Green Tech area, ie technology applied to the design and management of green spaces. Ecobubble was selected as a representative company of the Lazio region in the Smart City sector at the SMAU Berlin 2018 (supported by ICE and the Ministry of Economic Development) and at the Farnborough International AirShow. The project has received several awards and prizes, including the one of best innovative solution at the international competition "bioregenerative environmental control technologies" promoted by the European Space Agency (ESA) and CNR.

Ecobubble and Daku: Technological Green roofs

Daku green-roofs designed with Ecobubble technologies exploit phytoremediation (a discipline that uses plants to reclaim the environment) and improve its efficiency by combining it with the specific parameters of the place. These solutions are also managed through Ecomotica, an artificial intelligence domotics system that allows maintaining the state of maximum plant luxuriance and reducing water waste.  


  • Ecobubble integrated design
  • Custom design solutions
  • Monitoring and reduction of local pollutants
  • Garden Automation System 
  • Design of urban gardens
  • Improvement of plant maintenance
  • Soundproofing
  • Windbreak optimizations
  • Roof protection
  • Building economic value enhancement


With Ecomotica the green areas are managed by a special garden automation equipped with an artificial intelligence that analyzes the data received from the sensors, from the infrared camera, from the web and from an exclusive Ecobubble database and calculates the minimum quantity of water to be supplied to obtain the maximum degree of plant luxuriance. Continuous monitoring of the vegetative state allows the implementation of an automatic response mechanism of the system by adapting new irrigation regimes to the contingent conditions.

How to get an Ecobubble roof garden

The interested customer can request a free quote through the "Sales Department" indicating in the subject "integrated Ecobubble design"