Green roof for IRPEA Foundation, a system for self-financing

The Foundation

IRPEA was founded in 1985 as Ipab (Public Institution of Assistance and Charity), currently the services offered by IRPEA Foundation. are aimed at the education of children, vocational training of youth and adults, assistance to people with disabilities, hospitality of students, off-site workers, pilgrims and people seeking a stay in the city of Padua for study, work, tourism or for example, health care. Specifically, support services for people with disabilities serve an educational, welfare and rehabilitative function. These goals are also pursued through the social inclusion project ''Let's Cultivate Our Future''

The project "Let's Cultivate Our Future'' and DAKU.

The collaboration between DAKU and IRPEA came about as a result of a training meeting on hanging green technologies held by DAKU in the city of Padua with the involvement of professionals such as architects and engineers. The idea of donating a DAKU extensive type of hanging green system to the Foundation fits perfectly with IRPEA's project ''Let's Cultivate Our Future'': a small but significant outdoor ground agricultural production and with the activation of a greenhouse for the cultivation of succulent and succulent plants, vegetables and organic aromatic plants at zero km.

The project involves about 20 people with cognitive disabilities and for some of them represents a path to job placement. The goal of the collaboration is aimed at providing additional employment for IRPEA guests by implementing the types of essences grown, quantities and self-financing. For DAKU, on the other hand, it represents a nursery from which to draw for the implementation of their own work, financing the foundation.