WASP World's Advanced Saving Project

"We're Dreamers We're Makers: We Start From 3D Printing To Save The World"

We are born in 2012. House, Art and Culture, Energy, Digital Fabrication, Health and Food are the themes that we are developing in the form of concrete projects with our 3D Printers.


WASP- World’s Advanced Saving Project is a company located in Massa Lombarda (RA) that designs, produces and sells 3D printers all over the world.

Massimo Moretti (WASP, CEO): ““The potter Wasp is our development model, a perfect approach to building low cost houses with zero kilometer natural material”

A United Nations report published in 2017 demonstrates that the current global population of 7.6 billion people is expected to reach 11.2 billion in 2100, and in 2030 nearly 5 billion people are expected to live in cities. Consequently, governments are faced with substantial challenges related to housing solutions. With more and more rural areas being incorporated into cities, it is the idea of city itself that must be challenged. 

 A house for all is a target to the realization of a horizon of equality and meritocracy, of shared well-being, the horizon towards which WASP projects converge.

The Infinite 3d printer

In 2015 is realized the BigDelta, a 12m high giant printer to build homes, thanks to a complex research that has seen us convolti in the last three years.
In 2016 Wasp released Maker Economy Starter Kit, a giant construction system in architectural scale enclosed in a single container, which gives shape to a large, mobile technology park dedicated to 3D printing.
In 2018 Wasp released Crane WASP, the infinite 3d printer, a collaborative 3d printing system able to print Houses.


GAIA  is a new eco-sustainable house model. Gaia, whose name is due to the use of raw soil as the main binder of the constituent mixture, can be considered a new eco-sustainable architectural model with particular attention to the use of natural waste materials, coming from the rice production chain and oriented to the construction of particularly efficient masonry from a bioclimatic and healthy point of view. Today WASP intends to create an eco-district, which might implement the goals of “3D Printing for Sustainable Living” for DUBAI 2020 and put in place constructive strategies replicable in every environmental circumstances 

WASP and DAKU participated in the project  "Exporting Reconstruction - Innovation and new materials for post-war reconstruction in the MENA Region". This project is drive by the IUAV University of Venice and the Veneto Region and is an example of collaboration and humanity. For us to study new models of sustainable living for post-war in the MENA countries means taking care of the cultural heritage of humanity and increasing global responsibility for its reconstruction.