BGR Systems


Water, as an energy carrier, represents on a planetary level the most important element of environmental thermoregulation. In urban areas, this resource is often quickly discharged into the sewer system without considering the improvements it would bring to the city's microclimate.

The DAKU Blue Green Roof (BGR), in addition to all the features and performance typical of green roofs, offers the possibility of storing, conserving and reusing rainwater. Thanks to the primary basin, every raindrop can be collected and stored: retaining 100 percent of the water. In fact, the BGR helps to limit the damage caused by cloudbursts and is also a water reserve for times of water shortage. The collected rainwater is transferred to a secondary system where, through the patented DAKU IRRIGA system, it can be used for irrigation with greater efficiency than traditional systems.

BGR Systems

Effective water management

The BGR saves this valuable resource, ensuring optimal vegetation growth and greatly reducing the costs associated with water supply. The BGR is a smart and predictive system that, using moisture and temperature sensors placed in the substrate, is able to constantly monitor the water saturation level of the system and consequently its ability to retain rainwater.

Through its IoT control unit there is an active connection to a weather forecasting service capable of communicating, with a high degree of reliability, rain forecasts and their intensity. The combination of this information determines whether the BGR system is capable of retaining all the rain forecast for the next 24 hours or whether it needs to be discharged in advance and in what amount, to ensure total containment of the rainfall insisting on the roof.

BGR Systems

A bivalent technological system

Due to the active management system of the primary basin, unlike with normal lamination basins, the BGR performs the function of a lamination basin and a storage basin at the same time, helping to limit the damage of water bombs and drastically reducing the water requirements for landscaping.

When used for building renovations, the presence of water in the canopy does not bring structural problems, because the weight of the maximum amount of water that can be accumulated is less than the incidental weight of the snow load predicted during the design of the structures.

Sistema BGR


DAKU ESTENSIVO BGR garantisce il miglior compromesso tra efficienza dell’accumulo idrico, autosufficienza idrica e costi di gestione limitati. La possibilità di realizzare in copertura vasche di laminazione gestite con sistemi IoT, l’aumento della longevità dei sistemi impermeabili e l’effetto di termoregolazione per l’edificio e per l’ambiente rendono questo verde pensile un investimento sostenibile ad alta resa.

Technical features

Spessore del sistema cm. ca 27,00 +/- 10 %
Accumulo primario del bacino l/mq 100,00 (non inferiore)
Numero di camini capillari pz/mq 8 (non inferiore)
Peso del sistema saturo (con bacino primario vuoto) kg/mq 116,00 (non superiore)
ATD acqua totale disponibile (con bacino primario vuoto) l/mq 42,00 (non inferiore)
Volume d’aria del sistema (con saturazione del bacino primario) l/mq 43,50 (non inferiore)

* Il pannello DAKU FSD BGR Irriga consente la realizzazione del bacino primario, la concentrazione dell’acqua di irrigazione nei pozzetti capillari, l’alloggiamento dei camini capillari e la base di posa del sistema di irrigazione DAKU Irriga