Daku, the ideal partner

Rooftop gardens are more and more popular in our cities. Nature is taking back spaces once occupied by concrete, as more eco-friendly materials are now being used. For over 25 years in Italy, Daku has represented an ideal partner for construction companies, providing technological solutions that reduce costs and construction time.

Innovation and experience

Daku contains the weight and width of its systems better than anyone else on the market. This happens thanks to the constant research and use of the most advanced technologies. The results are: a reduction of construction costs, a higher resistance of the waterproof components and an enhanced hydraulic safety of the rooftop itself.

We can bring nature to the rooftops of different types of buildings (both private and public) because our systems are extremely reliable, efficient and adaptable. We can support construction companies with their projects and provide valuable assistance.

Reliability and safety

Daku operates with flexible systems and has 25 years of technical experience on the market. We can meet the specific requirements made by our clients, respecting the standards and achieving the highest performances, in line with the recent UNI 11235-15 norm.

Roof Garden

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Easy to design
  • Weight with saturated system of 93 kg/m²
  • Minimum width 13 cm
  • Reduced choice of vegetation
  • Low resistance to trampling
  • Summer water requirement of
    0,3 liters/m² for day

Roof Garden

  • Complex installation for qualified personnel
  • Complex and multidisciplinary design
  • Weight with a saturated system of 192 kg/m²
  • Minimum width 23 cm
  • Wide choice of vegetation
  • High trampling resistance
  • Summer water requirement of 4 liters/m² for day