An exclusive garden

Own an exclusive and glamorous garden in the middle of buildings and concrete. Think of a place where you can relax and spend time with your loved ones or friends. Enjoy an elegant and carefully designed rooftop garden, which will transform your roof into a private and personal space. Make an eco-friendly choice: your rooftop garden will help protecting the environment and reducing energy waste

A garden designed to suit your needs

At Daku, we can satisfy all the possible requests that our clients may have, thanks to a series of solutions that transform rooftops in real relax areas. Our mission is to realize our clients’ desires and we do it with passion and professionalism. You will receive a customized garden, built according your dreams, where you can transfer your intimacy and create a domestic and cheerful space.

An important resource

Positive emotions and psychological benefit are provided by having a garden on the roof and staying in contact with nature. This ensures, in fact, an experience which more and more people are starting to appreciate. Our objective here at Daku is to create elegant and glamorous gardens, giving our clients new ways to feel emotions. Our team will be with you from the beginning of the project to the end of the installation.

Roof Garden

  • Low resistance to trampling
  • Reduced choice of vegetation
  • High environmental value
  • Extremely reduced ordinary maintenance
  • Generates economic benefits
  • Weight with saturated system of 93 kg/m²
  • Summer water requirement of
    0,3 liters/m² for day

Roof Garden

  • High trampling resistance
  • Wide choice of vegetation
  • High aesthetic value
  • Regular routine maintenance throughout the seasons
  • Improves the quality of living
  • Weight with a saturated system of 192 kg/m²
  • Summer water requirement of 4 liters/m² for day